Millionaire Dating Advice – How to Screen Out Potential Trouble Dates?

Millionaire Dating AdviceBefore you approach or reply for the first contact, put your hopes and friendly feelings aside for a moment and scan the profile objectively. Is there enough information there to have an idea if they are genuine or well-intentioned or not? If there isn’t and they just say, “Let’s meet up first and ask me questions then “ – then they are either hiding who they are or their real situation eg marital status or they are lazy or only half interested in finding a mate, and they can’t be bothered to make an effort for one if they do. Do you want that from the outset? I don’t. Do the photos match up? Or could they be different people that look similar enough to use to make a fake profile? Does their style of writing, expressions, slang, match their age? If they talk about a book ‘they’ve read’ or music album, does it sound like their own words or suddenly different or more sophisticated as in word-for-word copied from a journalist’s review?
It’s okay if they are protecting specific personal details, but still offer enough information to get a sense of their life and situation, for example, they may say they live in the eastern suburbs of the city but not the name of their exact suburb.
When you do say hello for the first time, ask a friendly question, like are you playing much golf lately? What was your favorite place in Thailand etc If they answer your questions realistically, you are off to a good start? But never forget to say to yourself, “ this may not be the person in the photographs. They can make up anything they like..” Have a few message exchanges before you meet. Keep it 100% non- sexual. There is nothing worse than that feeling of ‘going there’ with someone you quickly realize you now don’t like or trust.
If you move to personal email. Create a new email account that is solely for online dating. And don’t put your name on it! Write down your name as ‘Person Person’ or ‘Human Being’ etc Think of it as a disposable account. Don’t use it for anything else that you can’t shut it down immediately for.
Don’t meet for anything that isn’t easy to walk away from eg dinner or a movie. You are not obliged to stay any second longer than you feel like. Have something nice to go onto afterward, so your day or evening is not a disappointment, even if it’s a long phone call with a friend and a hot chocolate.
Always let your date know straight away, that you always do “ a security thing ” with your friend, messaging about him, and where you are, and that they are nearby and going to meet you them afterward. ( ‘they’ being your best friend and her large feisty husband…). If you take care of your security all the way along like this, I can promise you the sleazy ones quickly drop off, and, just like panning for gold, you end up with something worthwhile left for all your efforts.